Summer Travels

Summer Travels

As many of us are traveling this summer, it is an opportune time to observe the cultural impact on globalization.  Whether or not you are visiting a country for the first time or are on a repeated visit, try to observe culture and business and how they are similar or different to your home country.  There is so much that we can learn through our travels, and this often leads to a precursor for research ideas.  I hope that you all emjoy the rest of the summer and post to our blog, sharing ideas in order to engage with colleagues, stimulating your interests for future research topics. I look forwrd to reading your posts.  




Sushil Jindal's picture Sushil Jindal | August 18, 2017 12:06 am MST

Yes, it is true we learn through our travels. I am immigrant from India and have learned a lot about US culture and India's culture. We learn more about our culture when we visit a different culture. 

My interest is to find: 

How diverse is US workforce in 21st century?

Is the diversity in population represented in corporate board rooms?  

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