SOLAR Membership: Opportunities and Benefits

SOLAR Membership: Opportunities and Benefits

As your first step in the scholarship process, you joined a Research Center.  That membership identified you as a scholar within a broadly defined discipline – business, education, or healthcare.  Now, consider drilling deeper into your specific areas of interests within that discipline and explore a more cross-sectional viewpoint.  The special interests groups, or SIGs, allow you to focus on specific topics that may transcend beyond your selected Center and include the other disciplines.  SOLAR SIG is the venue for those interested in sales/marketing, organizational behavior, leadership, action-oriented results, and retention of human capital within the business, education, and/or healthcare arenas.  

You are a busy professional – conducting research as an individual may place an additional burden on your already limited time.  By joining SOLAR, you maintain a growing network of potential research collaborators who are ready and willing to join scholarly forces with you to research the above-mentioned topics.  Utilizing a cross sectional approach to membership provides you with the opportunity to garner a variety of discipline perspectives related to these SIG topics.

In-between research projects?  You can still be active in SOLAR.  Here are a few suggestions:

·         Contribute as a SOLAR blogger

o    Write a “how to” blog discussing any aspect of the research process

o    Write a blog that serves as a teachable moment that you experienced during your own research

o    Write a blog that provides ideas for SOLAR research that supports interrelationships between Center disciplines

·         Assist a recent doctoral graduate in transforming his or her dissertation(related to a SOLAR topic) to a journal article

·         Provide information for posting on the SOLAR website regarding upcoming Call for Papers/ Book Chapters or Call for Presentations that relate to SOAR topics

·         Help to recruit new members and suggest tactics and strategies to retain current members  in the SOLAR SIG

·         Introduce creative initiatives within SOLAR to meet the established goal that each member publish a scholarly article/book chapter and/or present at a conference at least once a year.

·         Share your publishing and presenting accomplishments and see your name in ”solar lights” on our SIG website

Joining SOLAR offers you ownership and leadership opportunities within the SIG.  Our success depends upon YOU, along with your supplied energy and enthusiasm!  Remember that you still maintain your active membership status in your Research Center and any accomplishments you achieve as a member of SOLAR are also credited to your Center.  The outcome becomes a win-win advantage for everyone!  For more information about SOLAR SIG membership, please contact: Dr. Pam Gordon at



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