KWBA - Jersey City - Outcome

KWBA - Jersey City - Outcome

I had the opportunity to attend the KWBA in Jersey City, NJ this weekend.  As this was my first time being able to attend a KWBA, I was unsure of the expectations of such an event.  The day was filled with interaction with students, colleagues and support administration. The interaction among attendees and exchange of ideas kept us engaged for the entire day.  If you are considering attening a KWBA in your area, I hope that you take the time to do so.  You will share your challenges and successes in working with students, assist students through their journey to publication and collaborate with others on research and the road to publication. Dedicate this time for yourself and to your professional development.  Working remotely has its advantages, but when you have the opportunity to meet with others face-to-face, sharing the energy and momentum of the great things that we achieve and to discuss future accomplishments, you will leave invigorated to do more.  Remember, research is not only a part of our responsibility for our position but also for our own development.  As educators, we should keep up-to-date with current trends in our industries of expertise, focusing on untapped research in our fields.  You do not have to work alone, and attending a KWBA and staying in touch with our SIG will help you grow both personally and professionally.  

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