Customer Satisfaction: A Universal Conceptual Framework

Customer Satisfaction: A Universal Conceptual Framework

My article titled "Convering and Diverging Forces on Customer Satisfation: Comparative Empirical Analysis of Hollywood Movies in the U.S. and China" is recently accepted by SAM Advanced Management Journal. This article has been in the works for years before Hollywood movies in China market becomes the hot topic.


Below is an excerpt from the article:

For the first time in history, China overtakes the U.S. in total movie sales in theaters in February 2016 (Brzeski, 2016) and is forecasted to be the largest movie market in the world next year (Sakoui, 2016). While China is the second largest single market, after the U.S., for Hollywood movies, there are two major concerns for Hollywood studios.  First, China's film industry has grown so fast so rapidly that Chinese-owned studios may begin to compete with Hollywood studios (60 minutes, CBS news, 4/10/2016). Second, a recent report casts doubts on whether or not the Chinese will continue to want to watch Hollywood movies (Daqiang, 2014). Because of these concerns, understanding Chinese moviegoers’ response to and satisfaction with Hollywood movies is an important topic. There are, to date, very few research reports about Chinese moviegoers’ response to Hollywood movies except for some reporting the box office performance of movies in China (e.g., Kwak and Zhang, 2011).

The question of whether Chinese customers are satisfied with Hollywood movies raises a larger research question of how to systematically and holistically understand consumer satisfaction of global products worldwide? What are the factors leading toward satisfaction that are consistent or inconsistent across countries? 


For references of the state of movie market in China, some good reads:


If you are looking for a dissertation topic surrounding this, discuss with me...


James Rice's picture James Rice | June 18, 2016 11:04 am MST

Congratulations on the new article. It is always interesting to see how a social media, like a movie, can be used in diffirent cultures. Excellent work!

Dr. Jim Rice

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