Virtual Internship Initiative

Working to become the thought leader in the virtual inter-connectivity of students, faculty, and employers.

Collaboration between the Center for Global Business Research and the Virginia Beach Learning Center has resulted in the Virtual Interconnectivity Initiative (VII) which is designed to increase student's practicable skills by integrating into the classroom a virtual connection between students, faculty, and employers. 

Our Aim

We strive to produce an evidence-based model of a UOPX VII that is scalable and usable across course modalities and disciplinary programs. We further strive to identify ways in which faculty are able to use the model to propose integration of employer partner relationships into course projects and activities in ways that expand our external connections and networks while maintaining academic rigor and workplace relevance. 

What Can We Do?

  • Become a Thought Leader
  • Increase External Relationships
  • Strengthen Academic Rigor
  • Lead Through Innovation
Boyer's Domain: 
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