Resarch Fellows in Action

Let's meet our research fellows in real life and their research passion:

Art - Artutro Trejo is in the Aviation business.  SAS alum. His topic is emotional intelligence in Hispanic IT industry. 

Dena - Dena Bateh is the pianist. She is a faculty in NYC. Her topic is MENA businesses.  She runs a SIG.

Doug - Doug Gilbert is faculty for SoBus. His topic is cybersecurity. 

Jim - Jim Rice sings (Carnegie Hall!). SAS alum. His topic is healthcare IT. 

Jinan - Jinan Ziade travels. SAS alum. Her topic is about women entrepreneurship in Lebanon.

Kim - Kim Capehart in his scrubs. SAS alum. He is also a practicing dental surgeon and a professor in dentistry. His topic is on Korea. 

Leo - Leo Maganeres is SoBus faculty. His topic is entrepreneur activities in Europe.

Lillie - Lillie Hibbler is with SoBus. Her topic is African American in financial industry. 

Lou - Louis Daily is the karaoke king! His topic is human capital.  

Pam - Pam Gordon is in her zumba. Pam is SAS faculty.  Her topic is business and she runs a SIG.

Paul - Paul Wendee is the investment banker. SAS alum. His topic is wealth management.

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