Global Digital Consumer Confidence

This country-comparison project is led by Fellow Dr. James Rice.  The study has the following components:

1. define digital confidence - three layers: societal, firm, consumers. Rationale - in order for consumers to be confident about using online transactions firms have to make consumers be able to trust them. Interactions between firms and consumers are not enough as a country (soverign) have explict laws and regulations that enable/discourage online activities. Moreover, implicit customs/practices surroudning online activities should also be investigated for each country.

2. after defininig concepts, identify variables. e.g., digital privacy - what measurement should be used?

3. data collection - sources, timeframe, availability for countries

4. model development - what model will best describe the concepts put forward

5. analyses - what do the results tell us about digital confidence around the world


We welcome participation at all levels. Various conference papers, book chapters, and journal articles can be developed for a single country, comparisons of various countries, regional comparisons, and global comparisons.  For participation and questions, email




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