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Diversity and Spirituality

For some time now, a few of us at the Center for Workplace Diversity have been discussing the connections between div

Multitasking in the IT Field

IT Employees are wired as never before. 24x7 via phone, email, text and social media.

Employability at a Young Age

This post discusses the importance of reinvention, resilience, and reframing as abilities that an individual may have to increase employability as it relates to Murray’s (2015) post.

New Bloggers Join CWDR IO Team

The latest additions to our team of emerging PhDs in Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

My Loved One Is Incarcerated, Part I of III

My Loved One is Incarcerated: Questions too Daunting to Ask, Part I of III

Education and Hard Work Are Not Enough

Globalization is changing the nature of work. No longer are we confined to a single work space as technology now enables individuals the ability to compete internally, externally, and across borders.

Competency in 'The Box'

Designing a competency based education program that meets the needs of students, employers and accreditors is difficu

The Business Case for Women on Boards

Over the last two weeks, I’ve been raising your awareness (and maybe your blood pressure) by focusing on the lack of women in top corporate jobs...

Not Even “Wonder Woman” Can Break the Glass Ceiling

In Smithsonian Magazine, Foreman (2014) discussed “Wonder Woman” as a proto-feminist ideal.

Why “Mad Men” Isn’t Really Over

AMC’s popular “Mad Men” television series just ended. In case you’ve been in deep space and missed it, “Mad Men” is about the heyday of the advertising business on Madison Avenue in the 60’s.


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