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The term “maternal wall” was coined in a 2003 article published in the New York Times Magazine.

Innovation Without Age Limits (article key points)

An interesting business report entitled Innovation without Age Limits can be found on MIT's Technology Revie

What are you waiting for? Take Action!

You’re sitting on the fence asking yourself – should I go for it? Should I go for that promotion?

Strategies for Making Family Time a Reality

At a time when technology is at our fingertips, many busy career women may feel overwhelmed by the idea that they are

Self-Imposed Barriers

Women working in competitive environments face many obstacles on their way up the professional ladder.

The Lack of Fit Model


Am I Managing My Parents?

In the workplace today, there are up to four generations working together within the same job positions (Amayah &

Managing Older Generations

In the

Results of IS&T Outcome Study

Recently, the College of IS&T at the University of Phoenix studied academic outcomes in its Master of Information

Age and Knowledge Sharing

Employee age has an impact on willingness to share knowledge.


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