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Expectancy Theory and the Impact on Leadership

Understanding leadership requires focus on a leader’s role, development of expertise, and progression of leadership c

Dr. Leslie Miller I/O Practitioner in Action

Sometimes I wonder if students in my graduate research courses and those students working on a dissertation really un

Employee Mindset and Self-Efficacy Development

       In 1977, Albert Bandura proposed a theory of behavioral change focused on self-efficacy.

Leadership Style, Entrepreneurial Orientation, and Business Performance of U.S. Minority-Owned Enterprises

Minority-owned businesses potentially represent the most powerful wealth-building engines in the United States economy (U.S. Department of Commerce, Minority Business Agency, 2016).  Thus, the emergence, growth, and development of minority-owned business enterprises carry the potential for improving the economy of the nation and the economic self-sufficiency of minority populations.

Knowledge Without Boundaries Symposium - April 10, 2017

Human Resources Analytics in the Workplace

Human resources analytics are a compilation of techniques used to analyze and collect data pertaining to different aspects of the workplace in order to make informed decisions and predictions based on calculations from the data collected (Dlomu & Spears, 2015). These techniques act like a research project from the development of a research design and research questions, to using the correct data collection method and statistics (Levenson, 2005).

Working with Difficult People

Lead Area Faculty Chair for I/O Psychology, Dr. Amy Cooper Hakim, has just published her book, "Working with Difficult People".

Nine new IO Bloggers join the Team in November

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Can Companion Animals Facilitate Improved Communication In Organizations?

By: Melissa Szydlek


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