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The Intersectional Leader - A Leadership Benefit

Historically, culture prompted exclusionary behaviors in the workplace requiring “the others” in business environments to work harder to prove themselves. Now, with increased awareness of Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) society has new demands for “the others” or those of non-white ethnicity to be visible contributors to work and leadership. The position of a group of women in a peer-to-peer mastermind group is that a diversity of life experiences is more beneficial in today’s DEI business environments, than non-diversity of life experiences. They postulate the “Intersectional Leader” as a leader identity that is beneficial in the workplace.


Social Equity and Equality Enhance Academic Resilience

The Obvious and Not So Obvious

Measurement and accountability in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB): Part 1 of 3 - The introduction

DEIB and the unintended effects of workplace ostracism

Organizational Silence: The Motivation, Impact and Danger of Silence

When employees remain silent by saying or doing very little in response to a significant problem within an organization relationships, productivity and culture suffer.

Emotional Intelligence Enhances Academic Resilience

A New Beginning

Becoming a reflective and reflexive practitioner in the workplace

Purposeful reflection empow

“Collaboration in Online Learning: How Do We Reach Common Goals?”


How mentors can help mentees be better professionals

Mentors are invaluable. In a time of calm or crisis, a mentor can provide clear direction for personal and professional growth. 

The Culture of Preparedness

This article is responsive to the call for participation to address research/scholarship opportunities: Covid-19 Focused. Specifically, I provide input regarding how organizational cultures and structures have changed during times of crisis.

Top 5 Tips to Minimize Confusion in your Online Classroom

5 Tips to Minimize Confusion in Your Online Classroom as a K-12 or College Instructor.


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