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Does Your Culture Support Flexibility?

A flexible workplace creates happier, more productive employees. 

Consider the Pygmalion Effect

Applying the Pygmalion effects let us nudge others towards success.

Fear Of Change Can Derail Strategy

Fear of change can cause even the best strategy to fail.  By modeling new behaviors leaders help employees embrace change. 

Collaboration, Conferences, and Serendipity

Webster defines serendipity as “finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for.” In this spirit, faculty, students, and colleagues may be interested in learning about the networking and opportunities that arise by taking a chance to present at a conference. In January 2016, several colleagues and I brainstormed about possible topics for a collaborative research endeavor and decided upon senior entrepreneurship (AARP, 2014; Isele, 2014; Stangler, 2014).

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