Teaching and Learning with Stories

Teaching and Learning with Stories

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We are welcoming submissions to be considered for publication in our twenty-second issue entitled "Teaching and Learning With Stories" (SPRING 2018). We encourage work that shows how narrative ways of thinking and doing alter educational practice, and invite submissions that share how the role of stories deepens the understanding of teaching and learning. We embrace a broad notion of story and will be pleased to receive a range of representational forms.

Manuscripts must be 4000-6000 words in Microsoft Word (Times New Roman 12-point font) and formatted according to APA style guidelines. Visuals and other forms of representation are welcome. All submissions should include keywords, an abstract of not more than 100 words and a biography of about 100 words accompanied by a digital photograph and a manuscript for blind review. Any graphics should be in JPEG format (highest possible resolution; minimum 150 dpi), with articles sent as attachments to mstewart@learnquebec.ca.

LEARNing Landscapes is an open access online education journal supported by LEARN (Leading English Education and Resource Network). Published in the autumn and spring of each year, it attempts to make links between theory and practice and is built upon the principles of partnership, collaboration, inclusion, and attention to multiple perspectives and voices. The material in each publication shares and showcases leading educational ideas, research and practices in Quebec and beyond by including articles, interviews, visual representations, arts-informed and multi-media texts, etcetera, that we hope will inspire teachers, administrators, and other educators to re ect upon and develop innovative possibilities within their own practices.