Online Dissertation Chairs’ Perceptions: Reflective Mentoring Practices and Changing Student Cross Cultural and Generational Worldviews

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Barbara Fedock, Ed.D

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As a research fellow, I am conducting a study on Online Dissertation Chairs’ Perceptions:  Reflective Mentoring Practices and Changing Student s’ Cross Cultural and Generational Worldviews   This paper will be published and  presented In March 2016.  I will be presenting with some of my other research fellows at the  Association for Education and Computer Technologies (AECT) conference on November 6, 2015. My presentation will be  Technology Integration: Visionary Options for Digital Age Student Leadership Empowerment.

I am collaborating with two other colleagues to conduct a study on STEM education on The Comparison of Ninth and Tenth Grade STEM Students' Gender and Ethnic Diversity 2009 through 2014.   I am collaborating with a colleague on a study on the Beyond Best Practices:  Redefining Digital Reading Strategies for Online Adult Learners.  This study will be presented and published in March 2016.   I am writing a proposal for a quantitative study on Higher Education Leaders’ Perceptions on the Role of Tuition Increases and Student  Retention.  The study is a follow-up study of a quantitative study on Higher Education Leaders’ Perceptions on Prioritizing Critical Success Factors for Higher Education:  A Qualitative Cost.  I plan to collaborate with other researchers on the study Meditation, Critical Thinking and Critical Inquiry in Higher Education: a Phenomenological Study. 

I am currently engaged in conducting data for Adjunct Higher Education Instructors' Perceptions of Using Social Media as Teaching Tools, and I have conducted studies with other Research group members on Examining Critical Thinking Strategies, Components, and Challenges in Higher education: a Systematic Literature Review Presentation AECT Global Conference Las Vegas, Nevada October 2016 and Critical Thinking and Meditation:  A Quantitative Quasi Experimental Study Presentation AACE International Conference Alexandria, Va.  November 2016.  



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Online Dissertation Chairs’ Perceptions: Reflective Mentoring Practices and Changing Student Cross Cultural and Generational Worldviews
Online Dissertation Chairs’ Perceptions: Reflective Mentoring Practices and Changing Student Cross Cultural and Generational Worldviews
Emulation of Human Ethics in Educational Settings: A Content Analysis
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Hello. I am Barbara Fedock. I hold an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership, and I have 11 years of experience teaching higher education online students. I am a chair and serve on committees. Research Center Affiliations Center for Educational and Instructional Technology Research: Research Fellow Publications Peer Reviewed Published Articles and International Conference Presentations Beyond best practices: A new vision for online mathematics teachers Redefining online teacher leadership: Visionary options for assessments Rethinking online writing and communication skills as a process: Teaching skills through interactive, learning style based modeling An international perspective on mobile learning Transformational leadership and patient satisfaction: Redefining the bedside nurses’ role A new best practice: Online instructors as researchers Peer reviewing: A tool to engage online students in the classroom managerial process Redefining the Role of Online Facilitation in Digital Classrooms Digital Badges and Micro-credentials: Digital Age Classroom Best Practices, Design Strategies, and Issues . Preferred Teaching Methods in Online Courses: Transformational Leadership and Student Empowerment Current Research Interests • Redefining Digital Reading Strategies for Online Adult Learners • STEM: A Comparison of Gender and Ethnic Diversity • Online educational global trends and issues Courses Taught • RES/711 - FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES OF SOUND RESEARCH • RES/722A - RESEARCH DESIGN • DOC/722 - DOCTORAL SEMINAR II • DOC/733 - DOCTORAL DISSERTATION • DOC/734 - DOCTORAL PROJECT IV • DOC/732R – YEAR THREE RESIDENCY Degrees Completed Doctoral Degree Western Carolina University Educational Leadership 2003 Masters Degree Western Carolina University Language Arts/English Teaching 1998 Academic Appointments Associate Faculty, Dissertation Chair School of Advanced Studies, University of Phoenix Boards, Advisory Committees, Professional Organizations Wyvern Publishing National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Submissions And Funded Research Online Dissertation Chairs’ Perceptions: Reflective Mentoring Practices and Changing Students’ Cross Cultural and Generational Worldviews Funded: Center for Educational and Instructional Technology Research Fellow
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Doctoral Degree
Educational Leadership
Western Carolina University
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Content Area Chair and Lead Teacher
Masters of Teaching (MAT) Student Teacher Instructional Designer, Instructor, and Supervisor
Lenior-Rhyne University
Wednesday, August 1, 2018 to Sunday, December 30, 2018
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Distinguished Faculty Teacher of the Year 2012
• DHA Faculty Member of the Quarter based on the number of student nominations received in University of Phoenix Doctor of Health Administration Program June 2012
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Candidate Retention Committee
Masters of Teaching Student Supervisor
Content Literacy: Grades 6-12, Teaching Students With ADHD, Differentiated Instruction in the Classroom, Differentiating K-12 Assessments, Guided Reading: Strategies for the Differentiated Classroom, The Creative Classroom
Asheville Buncombe College
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New Faculty Mentor Certificate
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Lead Faculty and Content Area Chair
University of Phoenix
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The purpose of this qualitative single case study will be to examine how online dissertation chairs’ perceive the role of reflective mentoring practices and changing student cross cultural and generational worldviews.  Doctoral students may have a different world vision and work ethics that are not based on age but on cultural behaviors common to the characteristics of a specific generation. Online doctoral students from different cross cultural generations may disengage and attrition rates may increase when chairs appear not to respect the impact of students’ world views on how learners approach the dissertation writing process.  The participants will be online dissertation chairs who reside in a university in North Carolina. The sampling method will be purposive sampling. University online doctoral program directors may use this study to create professional development online chair workshops on changing dissertation students’ cross culture and world views.  

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