Watkins publishes and presents on AI

Watkins publishes and presents on AI

March 7, 2019

Dr. Steven Watkins has published an article on artificial intelligence in the Symposium section of the December, 2018 Journal of Leadership Studies. Dr. Watkins has been asked and is working on an article for publication by AIMS Press on the relationship between artificial intelligence and financial security.  Watkins will be focusing on how business ethics should guide the actions of artificial intelligence in such a situation.  Additionally, Dr. Watkins has been asked to potentially present a paper on the relationship between Artificial Intelligence and issues of ethical behavior at the 2nd Annual Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Healthcare this upcoming July.  The opening paragraph of the Leadership Studies article has been included below with further details about the article.

Title: Artificial intelligence: A boon or a bane for educational leaders in educational research.

As the century moves forward, artificial intelligence (AI) will exert a tremendous impact on human life, particularly in the field of education. Butler-Adam (2018) noted that the presence of AI could be “extensive”—both regarding what universities can (or should) contribute to the advance of AI and its applications and how curricula and learning will need to change. Stevenson (2018) shared that AI did not start in the 1940s with individuals such as Alan Turing, but goes all the way back to the late 18th century in Paris. Now, computer-assisted courses with computer tutoring labs and programs are aiding in education, with AI potential offered as a teaching substitute or as an integral part of educational leadership. What issues might arise that influence, hinder, or forward the use of AI in educational leadership?


Watkins, S. (2018). Artificial intelligence: A boon or a bane for educational leaders in educational research. Journal of leadership studies,(12) 3, pp 74-75. © 2018 University of Phoenix. DOI:10.1002/jls.21601


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