TLAR team publishes with Sage

TLAR team publishes with Sage

March 5, 2019

Dr. Patricia Steele, Dr. Elizabeth Johnston, Dr. Andrew Lawlor, Dr. Cassandra Smith, and Sonja Lamppa published an article on educational possibilities in virtual reality applications. The article was appeared in the March print issue of the Journal of Educational Technology Systems published by Sage.

Title: Arts-Based instructional and curricular strategies for working with Virtual Educational applications


In the 21st century, easy access to visually rich, immersive, student-centered, virtual applications could augment or replace text-based learning. However, the new developments are offset by the lack of insight into pedagogies needed to guide educators through a visual learning environment. The purpose of this directed content analysis was to provide an awareness about opportunities for learning cognitive and creative thinking skills in virtual applications. Analysis showed opportunities to develop one or more skills in 34 selected virtual educational apps. Educators in many subjects could apply insights from the conclusions and recommendations for using virtual applications within established curricula.

Steele, P., Johnston, E., Lawlor, A., Smith, C., & Lamppa, S. (2019). Arts-Based Instructional and Curricular Strategies for Working With Virtual Educational Applications. Journal of Educational Technology Systems47(3), 411–432.


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