SAS Alumni Webinar Featuring Dr. Pamela Lindsay

SAS Alumni Webinar Featuring Dr. Pamela Lindsay

The Alumni Special Interest Group is pleased to present our next webinar speaker for August 2019.  On Thursday, August 29, 2019, we will feature Dr. Pamela Lindsay at 4pm Arizona time.


Dr. Pamela Lindsay, EdD/CI, is Co-founder and Dean of the College of Adaptive Arts (CAA). She applies research and knowledge gained through the UOPX doctoral program to continued innovation in the development of practices for training, consulting, and teaching with a focus on differentiated learning groups and diverse learning environments for adults with differing abilities. Dr. Lindsay’s research of motivational curriculum for adults with intellectual disability includes unique access to the perspectives and voices of these learners within the research data. Her experience, knowledge, and insights from a lifetime of multi-faceted work in private and nonprofit arenas have converged to inform applications of copyrighted processes and models for related teaching and learning.  Other contributions include work as an annual panel expert in the Stanford University School of Humanities and Sciences Program on Human Biology course on autism spectrum disorders, conference presentations for such groups as Autism Society San Francisco Bay Area and California Educational Theatre Association, and professional presentations on copyrighted and inclusive delivery models at venues such as the Disney Family Museum and the San Jose Museum of Art.


Dr. Lindsay is looking forward to sharing insights from the doctoral journey, transfer of experience to post-program professional work, and continued opportunities for university networking and research contributions during this webinar.


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