Provost Research Labs at CEITR

Provost Research Labs at CEITR

Adult Leaners in Higher Education (ALHED) and Career Development in Higher Education (CDHED) Research Labs

as part of Provost Research Labs

We are excited to announce the establishment of Provost Research Labs at CEITR, supported by Dr. John Woods, the provost, and Dr. Hinrich Eylers, the vice provost of UOPX. At Provost Research Labs we focus on research topics within University of Phoenix. The goal is supporting UOPX leadership to further enhance quality of teaching and learning and performance of our institution by providing research-based suggestions.


Adult Leaners in Higher Education (ALHED) and Career Development in Higher Education (CDHED)Research Labs are started in 2020 as part of Provost Research Labs. These are two major cutting-edge research topics in higher education. The focus of the research projects will be on University of Phoenix undergraduate programs. 


We would like to invite experienced researchers to join the labs as researchers and participate in one of the proposed projects described below.

Adult Learners in Higher Education (ALHED) Research Lab

Join the lab by visiting ALHED lab site

  • Teaching and Learning Strategy

    • Grit teaching strategies and students’ course retention rate and management skills (Quasi Experimental study) 
  • Curriculum
  • Curriculum development on a larger scale [Undergrad practitioners]
  • GRIT: An Interactionist Personality Theory Approach, and How to Promote the Development of GRIT (exploratory, qualitative)
  • Study into why practitioner faculty (not “professional adjunct” faculty) are motivated to teach as associate faculty
  • Student Issues
  • Faculty Issues

Career Development in Higher Education (CDHED) Research Lab 

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  • Curriculum Development (alignment with the fields)

    • Promoting Industry Alignment within Curriculum Development: Best Practices (focus group, survey, or qualitative)
  • Partnership with industries (LauraAnn Migliore as lead)

    • Internship (Open to topics)
    • Projects (dissertations) (Open to topics)
  • Certificates

    • Certificate: Career Power Boost or Resource Sink? (identify where and when certificates are beneficial, and when they are not)
    • Best Practices for Certificate Program Creation in Higher Education
  • Professional development

    • Aligning ‘Meaning’ / ‘Purpose’, Job satisfaction, and professional development activities
    • Professional Development and the Mature Academic (mature here meaning mature in one’s career, possibly retired but now teaching)
    • Career motivation as driver for higher ed attainment



Monthly Web-Based meetings will be offered to support the teams for 12 months.  

Some of the research projects will draw on members of University of Phoenix for participants. Each team will need a leader, a writer, a methodologist, a literature reviewer.  


Team Member Requirements                                          

  • Research team leaders must have at least 2 peer reviewed publications within the last 5 years.  
  • Research team members (i.e., writer, methodologist, literature reviewer) must have at least 1 peer reviewed publication within the last 5 years. 
  • Research team members are required to meaningfully contribute to the advancement of the project from the beginning until end of the research project and presenting/publishing the research
  • Research team members are required to attend monthly general Web-based meetings and additional meetings planned by the team members. 


Mansureh Kebritchi, Ph.D. & Ryan Rominger, Ph.D.

Center for Educational and Instructional Research (CEITR), College of Doctoral Studies, University of Phoenix

If you are interested, please contact Dr. Ryan Rominger at

or Dr. Mansureh Kebritchi at


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