Liston Bailey

Liston Bailey

March 8, 2020

Dr. Liston Bailey, a friend and colleague to many in the research center passed away on Monday, March 2, 2020.  Liston was an accomplished musician and a committed scholar.  He was awarded a scholarship in music for Florida A & M and graduated with a degree in Music Education.  Liston’s love of learning led him to earn a doctoral degree in education and four Masters degrees.  He retained his passion for music, particularly jazz, throughout his life.  

As an educator, Liston was devoted to learning and learners.  He explained, “To teach and see others' learning is the greatest pleasure a professor can experience” Liston taught in the College of Doctoral Studies, UoP and at the US Army Training and Doctrine Center (TRADOC).  Another comment from Liston shows his generous spirit:

My travels and experiences have led me to believe that mastery learning and self regulation are keys to developing expertise in any area of interest that a person values. The more you travel, the more apparent it becomes that good people everywhere are driven by the desire to achieve, succeed, and find personal happiness.  ~Liston Bailey (LinkedIn)

Many friends and colleagues spoke shared feelings of loss and sympathy for the family.  All these comments were gathered into a Word Cloud to share with the family and posted in the center as part of this article.  We will all miss Liston’s gentle sense of humor and thoughtful contributions to our ongoing discussions.  We send our prayers for Liston and his family during this time.


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