Lane and Proudfoot Discuss Scholarship Support at Central Florida GFM

Lane and Proudfoot Discuss Scholarship Support at Central Florida GFM

Dr. Jim Lane and Dr. David Proudfoot, Senior Research Fellows in the Center for Educational and Instructional Technology (CEITR), recently spoke before a University of Phoenix Central Florida General Faculty Meeting in Orlando.  Lane and Proudfoot presented an overview of the many research opportunities available to UOP faculty through the School of Advanced Studies Research Hub.  They began their presentation, Preparing Faculty for Scholarship, by discussing Boyer’s Four Domains of Scholarship, Teaching, Discovery, Integration, and Application, as frameworks to define and structure the scholarship practices of UOP faculty.  They explained that effective September 2017, faculty who teach graduate-level courses must demonstrate scholarship that is both timely and meets the criteria of one or more of Boyer’s Domains.

Lane and Proudfoot explained that while the research process may seem daunting to faculty who are working practitioners rather than full-time scholars, the School of Advanced Studies Research Hub  offers a wide range of resources and opportunities to help them meet their scholarship goals and advance their work as Scholar Practitioner Leaders.  They explained that resources through the Research Hub include the Office of Scholarship Support and the eight Hub Research Centers.  They highlighted the fifteen cross-disciplinary Special Interest Groups, which are dynamic and ever-evolving. 

Among the most exciting opportunities, they explained, are the many research projects currently underway or planned.  They noted, for example, fourteen current group research projects through the Ethics in Education and Education and the Arts SIGs.  Lane also highlighted the newly formed Research Methodology Group, a cross-disciplinary community of scholars who are experts in specific fields of social science research methods and designs.  In addition to links to resources, methodology leaders host monthly webinars in which they discuss specific methodological approaches.   They also highlighted the Phoenix Scholar, the newest forum to feature the research of university scholar practitioners.

Proudfoot explained the popular and successful Dissertation to Publication workshop series. The mission of each workshop is to teach the art of developing a publishable manuscript based on a research project or dissertation.   The workshop links faculty with experienced mentors who guide them to develop a manuscript for submission to a peer-reviewed journal by the end of the workshop.  He noted that the next workshop will begin in September 2018.

Finally, the pair noted the several avenues of research funding available to faculty.  They closed by reminding the group to turn to the many resources for scholarship available through the Office of Scholarship Support.  The office staff are dedicated to providing students and faculty with resources to advance research, scholarship, teaching, and learning.  They urged faculty to become involved in a SAS research project and realize their potential as a Phoenix Scholar Practitioner Leader.


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