Impressive Presentations of CEITR Research Team Members at the 2022 AECT conference

Impressive Presentations of CEITR Research Team Members at the 2022 AECT conference

Researchers from the College of Doctoral Studies, Center for Educational and Instructional Technology Research (CEITR) had an impressive presence with multiple research studies at the 2022 Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) International Convention, “Impacting Student Learning,” October 24 – 28, 2022. 

Congratulations to 31 CEITR Research Team members who presented at the 2022 AECT International Convention in Las Vegas, NV, USA (and online).  CEITR researchers presented a total of 10 presentations as follows. Further details about the presentations can be seen on this site


1. Doctoral Student Connectedness During Different Program Phases

Presenters: Marlene BlakeMartha ZepedaSushil Jindal and William (Bill) Frick

2. How do We Measure the Impact of Online Tutoring Programs at the K-12 Level?

Presenters: Frederick LawrenceDanielle Kearns-SixsmithDavid Mailloux and Rheanna Reed

3. Measuring Effective Online tutoring: A K-12 Perspective

Presenters: Frederick LawrenceDanielle Kearns-SixsmithDavid Mailloux and Rheanna Reed

4. Importance of Mentoring for Educational Leadership: Impacting Student Learning

Presenters: Stella SmithMonalisMcGee BarattaDannette BersteinerJuana Lang and Tamika Fuller

5. The grit teaching strategies and course retention of online undergraduate adult learners

Presenters: Mansureh KebritchiDanielle Kearns-Sixsmith, and Ryan Rominger

6. Reshaping Practitioner Higher Education Institutions to Serve Adult Learners: Moving Beyond The COVID-19 Pandemic

Presenters: Mansureh Kebritchi, Thomas Sloan, William McClain, Lesley Pyron, Elizabeth Johnston, Valerie Bradley-Holliday

7. Feedback strategies, learners’ expectations, and usages in online higher education

Presenters: Mansureh Kebritchi, Angela Larson, Margo Vianna, and Liz Young

8. Mini-certification Program to Enhance Faculty Engagement and Professional Development

Presenters: Phil Davidson, Mary “Mimi” Stout, Debra McCoy, Diane Hunt-Wagner, and Stewart Stanfield 

9. The Hallmarks of High-Quality Online Tutoring

Presenters: Danielle Sixsmith

10. Perceptions of the Strategies for Curbing Examination Cheating in Higher Education in Kenya: A Case Study

Presenters: Zipporah Nyaera NyangwechiPatricia Akojie

AECT is an international professional association of instructional designers, educators, and professionals. This year’s virtual and in-person conference in Las Vegas, themed “Impacting Student Learning,” offers practical applications, research, workshops, and demonstrations of new technologies in teaching and learning.