CEITR Researchers Sign First Sponsored Research Project at UOPX

CEITR Researchers Sign First Sponsored Research Project at UOPX

Dr. Mansureh Kebritchi, chair of CEITR, and Dr. David Proudfoot, CEITR fellow, with the support of Dr. McCaslin, Dean of Research and Scholarship signed the agreement for the first research sponsored project at School of Advanced Studies, University of Phoenix with Carolina Biological Supply Company.  With the sponsorship of CBSC, CEITR researchers investigate the effect of science kits developed by CBSC for online courses on students’ science achievement scores.   


The Sponsored Project Abstract

With the advancement of technology and online education, teaching science courses in online setting has been increased in higher education. However, the effectiveness of online science lab kits as a method for hands-on activities in online courses has not been investigated. With a progression of disbelief and then mounting evidence of success about online lab science courses, this causal comparative study seeks to examine if the use of online science kits from the Carolina Biological Supply Company alters students’ science achievements of students. Students’ achievements will be measured by the end of unit/course assessments and compared between online science kit and non-online science kit courses using an ANCOVA analysis test. The findings will aid higher education institutions, instructional designers, and instructors to identify effective online lab science tools and develop programmatic improvements through implementation of the tools to increase students’ achievements in online science courses. As science education expands, more academic institutions may move to online setting and provide online lab science courses for their students. 

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