Dr. Cheryl McCauley publishes an article on non-profit boards

Dr. Cheryl McCauley publishes an article on non-profit boards


March 10, 2019

Dr. Cheryl Mcauley participated in the Fall, 2018 Dissertation to Publication workshop.  On March 7,  Dr. McAuley received final confirmation that her article Relationships Matter – Ideas for Transforming the Nonprofit Boardroom had been accepted for publication by “Performance Improvement Journal” published by Wiley.  The article has been assigned to Volume: 58 Issue: 4.  The abstract is included below.


Nonprofit board members can display a range of leader and follower characteristics when serving in successful organizations. Attracting board members may depend on servant leader or exemplary follower characteristics and the degree of trust board members have in an organization, the leadership, and between each other. Examining the relationship, if any, between servant leader, exemplary follower, and organizational trust within 12 contemporary performing arts nonprofit boards will contribute original research on a population of volunteers not studied in depth previously.

The goal of this empirical research was to examine whether or not servant leader and exemplary follower styles each relate to organizational trust. The theoretical framework stemmed from research in leadership, management, organizational theory, philosophy, and psychology. The theoretical foundation of this research included Greenleaf’s (1970) servant leader theory, Kelley’s (1992) exemplary followership style research, and the work of Nyhan and Marlowe (1997) regarding organizational trust.


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