Dissertation to Publication Workshop, Fall Registration

Dissertation to Publication Workshop, Fall Registration

We would like to invite you participating in the Dissertation to Publication workshop, fall term, to publish your doctoral dissertation in a peer reviewed journal.  

Mission: The mission of the workshop is to teach the art of developing a publishable manuscript based on a dissertation, and then submit it to a peer-reviewed journal. The workshop focused on the process and the finished product – a publishable manuscript that is ready to be submitted to a journal.

Format and Procedure: We provide structured support and guidelines via monthly web meetings. Target journals for publication are suggested at the beginning of the workshop. The manuscripts are broken down into three major sections of introduction, method, and results. The committee of reviewers closely work with the participants to review, revise, and finalize their manuscripts. Participants submit their manuscripts to their target journal by the end of the workshop. Certificate of completion is awarded to the participants who complete and submit their manuscripts to the journals by the end of the workshop.

Participant Eligibility: University of Phoenix affiliates, including faculty, staff, graduated doctoral students, and doctoral students close to graduation, who are interested in publishing their doctoral dissertations (in all disciplines) are encouraged to participate. Dissertation chairs/committee members may participate with their doctoral students.  


·         Complete and submit the registration form at:


·         Registration: Aug 1-10, 2017


Workshop Meeting Dates

The workshop consists of 5 web-based sessions. Participation in all 5 sessions is required to complete the workshop. 

·         First web-based session: Aug 23, 2017

·         Second web-based session: Sept 20, 2017

·         Third web-based session: Oct 18, 2017

·         Fourth web-based session: Nov 15, 2017

·         Fifth/final web-based session; Submission to the target journals: Dec 6, 2017

The meeting time will be 4-5 pm Arizona Time.


For further details, please see: https://research.phoenix.edu/content/center-educational-and-instructional-technology-research/dissertation-publication

Looking forward to working with you!


Mansureh Kebritchi and Committee of Reviewers 

Center for Educational and Instructional Technology Research (CEITR)

If you have any questions, contact us at: EducationalTechnology@phoenix.edu


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