Congratulations to Dr. Natasha Morrison-Jones and Dr. Teresa North

Congratulations to Dr. Natasha Morrison-Jones and Dr. Teresa North


SDS alumni Dr. Natasha Morrison-Jones, and her chair, Dr. Teresa North learned their article developed during the Fall, 2018 Dissertation to Publication workshop was accepted for publication. Dr. Elizabeth Johnston was the D2P reviewer. Details are included below.  The DOI is included below but may not be active for the next few weeks until the editing process concludes.

Morrison-Jones, N., & North, T. (2020) Typographic effect on learning management system effectiveness. World Journal of Educational Research, 6(2)



May 27, 2019

Learning Management Systems (LMS) harness and share knowledge. The most extensive and well-populated knowledge networks are useless if they remain underutilized, with lower performing students 40% less likely to effectively use the LMS than higher performing peers. This study investigated the effect of four typographic elements—typeface, size, alignment, and emphasis—on perceived knowledge sharing effectiveness. With a sample size of 108 participants, typeface, size, alignment, and emphasis each had a significant (p < .05) effect on knowledge sharing effectiveness. Arial was the preferred typeface (p < .0001), 12-point the preferred font size (p = .0001), left or justified the preferred alignment (p < .0001), and sentence case the preferred emphasis (p < .0001). The ease and increased prevalence of adjusting these typographic elements thus leads to potential adverse effects on student use of LMS and their learning outcomes.


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