Congratulations to Dr. Denise Pauline-Graf and Dr. Susan Mandel

Congratulations to Dr. Denise Pauline-Graf and Dr. Susan Mandel

December 19, 2019

Congratulations to Dr. Denise Pauline-Graf and Dr. Susan Mandel, who recently published an article on digital game playing.  Dr. Pauline-Graf is a graduate of UoP, who established and leads the Casual Gaming Department at Novomatic AG, Austria where her focus lies on the practical outcomes and implications of research in casual and hyper-casual games.  Dr. Mandel is a UoP faculty member with diverse interests including gaming and the power of music in our lives.   The article was developed with support from the CEITR Dissertation to Publication (D2P) program.  Dr. Elizabeth Johnston was the D2P reviewer.

Pauline-Graf, D., & Mandel, S.E. (2018). Defining Preliminary Research for Digital Game-Based Learning Evaluation: Best Practices. International Journal of Educational Methodology, 5(4), 623-635. doi:10.12973/ijem.5.4.623

Abstract: The surge of learners being immersed in computer game contexts for learning has instigated dialogue about the contextually appropriate collection of reliable and valid data to inform education-based decisions. The purpose of this article is to develop educational practitioners’ understanding of preliminary research work, and to inform educational researchers about design and reporting of preliminary research work, in the context of reported preliminary studies on Digital Game-Based Learning Interventions (DGBLIs). First a checklist of processes for the reporting of preliminary studies is provided. Second, a summary is offered of the characteristics of each type of preliminary study including the description, objectives, and methodology. Third, an example from peer-reviewed literature is identified of each type of preliminary study relevant to DGBLIs and conducted within the past five years. Evident from the examples selected, educational researchers and practitioners are best advised to recognize the characteristics of preliminary studies — pilot work, feasibility study, pilot study, pilot trial, and field test — to better inform DGBLIs before embarking on a full-scale study, and to meet the need of educational practitioners for concrete evidence about DGBLIs. Keywords: Preliminary research studies, digital game-based learning interventions, pilot study, field test, education methodology


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