CEITR Researchers Present at AERA

CEITR Researchers Present at AERA

Researchers from CEITR/UOPX will present impactful studies at AERA, April 21-26, 2022.

Researchers at Center for Educational and Instructional Technology Research (CEITR) focus on conducting applied studies for improving teaching, learning, and serving the public good. American Educational Research Association (AERA) is the largest and most prestigious national research association devoting on advancing teaching and learning. Presenting CEITR studies at AREA is very significant as it provides an effective platform for the researchers to share the research results with a large audience across the globe, contribute to the improvement of education, and impact individuals’ professional lives. 

Dr. Stella Smith, Associate Chair of CEITR will present the following study:

Holding Space — Making Room: Using Mentoring to Support African American Women Administrators in Academe

The purpose of this study is to explore different variables that influence mentoring as a tool to assist African American Higher women as education administrators. This study seeks to answer whether cultivating mentoring relationships help alleviate problems faced by African American women at predominantly white institutions.

Dr. Alyncia M. Bowen, CEITR member/UOPX CDS Faculty member and Dr. Shaquana Robinson, CEITR member/UOPX CDS Doctoral graduate will present the following study. Dr. Jim Lane was the primary author of this study:   

Black Female Education Leaders and Intersectionality: Leadership, Race, Gender, Power, and Social Justice

This critical autoethnography explores a deep understanding into the lived experiences of Black female education leaders. The chapter analyzes overarching themes in an auto-ethnographic narrative from eight Black female education leaders. As they spoke their truths, they shared their challenges regarding racial abuses as they bridge racial and social injustice divide. Interviews with this unique group demonstrated how they navigated their duties among leadership, race, gender, power, and social justice



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