CEITR news for September and October

CEITR news for September and October

November 5, 2018

Hello everyone,

I am proud to present news from CEITR members for the months of September and October.  CEITR Members attended conferences where they presented or were featured speakers.  Other CEITR members were published in peer-reviewed journals.  Each of these achievements has been featured in a news item at the CEITR Research Hub or featured on Research Hub home page. I included a summary of the news event here and the URL for the original news item; you can click for the story details.  I will share your accomplishments with other communicators both within and outside of UOP.  Thank you again and watch for my next call for your news. Liz Johnston


Association for Education and Computer Technology  (AECT)


The AECT 2018 convention (October 22-27) was held at the Marriott Hotel in Kansas City Missouri. SAS faculty members and alumni Members presented 12 research papers and projects that represented the Center for Educational and Instructional Technology Research (CEITR). Additionally, Dr. Mansureh Kebritichi and Dr. Laquisha Brown Joseph were honored with awards for innovative design.  The theme for the 2018 AECT convention was Learning for All.

Knowledge without Boundaries (KWB).

Dr. Mansureh Kebritchi highlighted the KWB presentations by members of CEITR.

CEITR research teams demonstrated a great presence at 2018 KWB/UOPX summit. Many of the research teams developed their studies within CEITR research labs or special interest groups by integrating the center 5S conceptual model. CEITR researchers presented a total of 31 studies at 2018 KWB summit, 21 studies belonged to a CEITR research lab and 10 studies were individual projects at CEITR. Such a high number of presentations indicate the effectiveness of 5S model used at the research labs and strong dedication, engagement, and collaboration of CEITR researchers. To learn more please visit CEITR Research Labs and Communities.  Or click on this URL https://research.phoenix.edu/center-educational-and-instructional-technology-research/blog/ceitr-research-labs-and-teams-2018

Dr. Ronda Gregg and Dr. Cheryl Burleigh are studying the lived experiences of staff and administrators in school settings who have been bullied by another staff member or administrator.  The team is presenting at a number of conferences. See details at the URL below.



Dr. Leah P. Hollis, part-time SAS faculty, CEITR member, and president of Patricia Berkly LLC was the keynote speaker of Cornell University's 15th Annual Diversity Update Conference in Ithaca, New York. As Cornell University remains committed to diversity and access, Dr. Hollis' speech gave insight on how leadership is the central variable in creating and maintaining a healthy workplace.


CEITR member, Attorney April Lash, Esq. participated in the 5th Annual National HBCU Pre-Law Summit on September 15, 2018 at Emory Law School.   Her topic was: How to start up a Solo Practice, which specializes in Business Law, Trust and Estate and Real Estate Law. More details available at the URL below.


Published articles

CEITR member and UOP faculty member, Dr. Carrie Miller, Hunter King, and Aryann Martin have been published in the Journal of Applied Instructional Design.  Dr. Miller is an instructional designer with IT solutions at Minnesota State University, Mankato.  In addition, Miller is a CEITR member and teaches classes in E-learning and Instructional Design for University of Phoenix.  The citation for this article and Dr. Miller’s second publication is below with a link to the news item.

Miller, C.L., King, H., & Martin, A. (2018).  Graduate Teaching Assistant Pedagogical Training: A Case Study.  Journal of Applied Instructional Design.  7(1). https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/c9b0ce_3294060678334dc4ad57e569d868c9c4.pdf


Kinskey, C., King, H., & Miller, C.L. (2018).  Open Educational Resources: An Analysis of Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Student Preferences. The Journal of Open and Distance Learning.


Dr. Mary Townsend published article an article developed in a Dissertation to Publications (D2P) workshop. Dr. Rita Hartman was Mary’s D2P reviewer. Further details of the publication, which is published by the Association for Computer Educators in Texas (ACET) appear at the URL appearing next.  https://research.phoenix.edu/center-educational-and-instructional-technology-research/news/dr-mary-townsend-publishes-article-d2p

Ceitr members and UOP faculty members, Dr. Rita Hartman, Dr. Cheryl Burleigh, and Dr. Jim Lane published an article on school leadership. The article was also presented at KWB and at the AECT national conference. The citation is included below with the URL to read more about the research.

Hartman, R., Burleigh, C. & Lane, J. (2018). School leaders' reflective blogs inspire systemic change: A Narrative Inquiry. Journal of School Public Relations.  Accepted for publication fall 2018.


CEITR members and UOP faculty members Linda A. Landon, PhD. Mary W. Stout, EdD, Douglas K. Neeley, PhD published an article in the Engaging Cultures and Voices journal.  Citation is included below.  Further details at the URL.

Landon, L.A., Stout, M.W., & Neeley, D.K. (2019) Increasing graduate students’ cultural competency by using many Social Media sites. Engaging Cultures and Voices (10)65-84. University of Missouri School of Education. Palo Alto, CA.


Dr Nola Veazy, Dr Cheryl Burleigh and Dr Elizabeth Johnston learned their article "Using Story-Telling, Film, and Role Play as a Learning Strategy with Incarcerated Women" was accepted for publication in Counselor magazine’s December 2018 issue.  Counsleor Magazine is primarily published for counselors and therapists working in many fields. The research findings were presented at the AECT International Convention held in Kansas City, MO October 23-27. The presentation received critical acclaim by attendees, who filled the room to near capacity levels.. Attendee comments described the research as impactful, found the therapy strategies fascinating and powerful, and gained a deeper understanding of a marginalized population.  The article abstract appears below.

Abstract: Women represent a fast-growing segment of the criminal justice system, but counselors lack gender-responsive interventions and strategies to deal with substance abuse that often accompanies criminal behaviors. Storytelling has been used to reframe addictive and destructive behavior; however, less is known about using film and how the medium is presented to support women in prison. This qualitative narrative inquiry provides exploratory, narrative insights as to how using film, storytelling, and role play can be used as a behavioral strategy to support incarcerated women.


Book Chapters

Dr. Elizabeth Johnston, Dr. Jerry Olivas, Dr. Patricia Steele, Dr. Cassandra Smith, and Dr. Liston Bailey received confirmation that their chapter titled Virtual Reality Pedagogical Considerations in Learning Environments was published in Student-Centered Virtual Learning Environments in Higher Education(chapter 2) published by IGI Global and edited by Marius Bobac and Selma Koc. The book can be viewed at https://www.igi-global.com/book/student-centered-virtual-learning-enviro...

More information is available at https://research.phoenix.edu/center-educational-and-instructional-technology-research/news/johnston-olivas-steele-smith-bailey

Dr. Nancy Bailey recently published a book chapter in Leader Volunteers and their Perceptions, involving the Greater Yellowstone Sights and Sounds Archive, a Purposeful Project.  See more information at the URL: https://research.phoenix.edu/center-educational-and-instructional-technology-research/news/ceitr-member-dr-nancy-bailey-published

Bailey, N. (2019). Servant leadership styles and strategic decision making (chapter 3) in Y. Mughal and S. Kamal (Eds.) Leader volunteers and their perceptions. Hershey, PA: IGI Global. DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-4996-3.ch003





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