CEITR members Dr Cheryl Burleigh and Dr Ronda Gregg travel the world to present their research

CEITR members Dr Cheryl Burleigh and Dr Ronda Gregg travel the world to present their research

November 1, 2018: Dr. Ronda Gregg and Dr. Cheryl Burleigh are studying the lived experiences of staff and administrators in school settings who have been bullied by another staff member or administrator.  Their article is in the final stages of development and they have and will present at a number of conferences. The team has presented at the KWB Expanding Boundaries Virtual Research Summit (https://research.phoenix.edu/center-educational-and-instructional-technology-research/blog/ceitr-research-labs-and-teams-2018) and at AECT (https://research.phoenix.edu/center-educational-and-instructional-technology-research/news/ceitr-members-aect-convention).

Future plans include presenting in Honolulu, HI at the 26th Annual Conference on Learning in January 2019 and the International Conference on Education in Belfast, Ireland in July 2019 where they have been accepted.  The team is also accepted to present at the National Association of School Psychologists.  We look forward to news updates.

An Exploratory Phenomenology Study of Educators’ Bullying Experiences in the Workplace


Bullying behaviors in the workplace are marked by repeated events of intimidation that creates a pattern of humiliation and fear in the victim.  School staff are not immune to this behavior.  Although studies have been conducted on student to student bullying behavior, little research has been done concerning adult to adult bullying in the educational workplace.  A qualitative exploratory phenomenological study was used to determine the relevance of the issue of bullying among adults in schools and to explore the effects that adult bullying has on staff members and the school organization.  Organizational cultural theory, emotional intelligence and humiliation theory are used to understand the phenomenon of adult bullying in the workplace setting.  Two research questions will guide the study: What are the personal and professional experiences of educators in the K-12 school systems as targets of bullying behavior in the workplace? What were the personal and professional repercussions of educators in the K-12 school systems who experienced workplace bullying? Themes in participants’ responses indicate that workplace bullying does exist and creates fear, humiliation, stress, psychological and physiological effects. The adult bully creates a hostile work environment by exerting control, threatening, intimidating, and harassment. The potential for policy revisions, trainings for administrators and staff members, and the potential influence that Human Resource personnel and related service personnel, such as School Psychologists, can have in assisting the victim are discussed.

International Conference on Education, Honolulu, HI, Jan. 5-8, 2019 http://hiceducation.org/

National Association of School Psychologist's Annual Conference, Atlanta, GA, Feb. 26-Mar. 1, 2019 https://www.nasponline.org/professional-development/nasp-2019-annual-convention-x105

26th International Conference on Learning, July 24-26, 2019.https://rickscafe.wordpress.com/2018/07/09/26th-international-conference-on-learning-queens-university-belfast-belfast-uk-24-26-july-2019/

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