CEITR members at the AECT convention

CEITR members at the AECT convention

The AECT 2018 convention (October 22-27) was held at the Marriott Hotel in Kansas City Missouri. SAS faculty members and alumni Members presented 12 research papers and projects that represented the Center for Educational and Instructional Technology Research (CEITR). Additionally, Dr. Mansureh Kebritichi and Dr. Laquisha Brown Joseph were honored with awards for innovative design.  The theme for the 2018 AECT convention was Learning for All.

The researchers are all part of the growing community of inquiry at CEITR. Members of Diversity, TLAR, STEM, Ethics, and Technology Labs and SIGS were active in developing research for the conference. The CEITR presenters were led by Mansureh Kebritchi, and included Cheryl Burleigh, Karen Deleuce, Rita Hartman, Michelle Hll, Elizabeth Johnston, Laquisha Brown-Joseph, Jan Otter, David Proudfoot, Patricia Steele; Mary Stout.

Honors and Awards

A Design and Development award was presented to Dr. Mansureh Kebritchi and the D2P reviewers for the Dissertation to Publication program (D2P).  The D2P program was developed by Dr. Kebritchi to support SAS alumni and faculty in producing a publication from student dissertations.  The reviewers each work with individual writers to create a publishable manuscript.

DDL-AECT Crystal Award was designed to recognize innovative and outstanding multimedia-based distance learning courses (online, CD-ROM/DVD or video-based) and distance learning projects (single modules, lessons, workshops, something less than an entire course). Dr. David Proudfoot, a CEITR Senior Research Fellow and reviewer in the workshop, nominated the program for the award. The application included Dr. Mansureh Kebritchi as the workshop developer and a committee of reviewers consisting of: Sandra Nunn, D.M; Louise Underdahl, Ph.D.; Elizabeth Johnston, Ed.D.; David Proudfoot, Ed.D.; Debbie-Ritter-Williams, Ph.D.; Patricia A. D'Urso, Ph.D.; Susan Ferebee, Ph.D.; and Jim Lane, Ed.D. The mission of the workshop is to teach the art of developing a publishable manuscript based on a research and the tangible outcome of the workshop is to generate a publishable manuscript and submit to a peer-reviewed journal. The workshop is offered in winter and fall semesters and registration is open/announced in January and August at the Research Hub.

In addition, SAS faculty and CEIKTR member Dr Laquisha Brown-Jospeh received an award for her work as a mentor in the Design and Development competition. The purpose of this competition is to stimulate and showcase promising instructional design research by graduate students working with mentors in the Design and Development Division. AECT is specifically interested in promoting collaboration and mentoring within the professional community.

Dr. Laquisha Brown Joseph mentored the winning design team.  The Team4Future was comprised of Xinyue Ren & Yang Lai, who are both graduate students at Ohio University. The design problem was set up by the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City.  The problem was to design a customer service training program for museum employees. Dr. Brown Joseph’s team was selected as one of four to attend the final stage of the competition at the AECT 2018 convention. During this final stage of the competition each of the four teams presented their design. Dr. Brown-Joseph’s team was recognized as having the winning design for the national competition.

 CEITR members also presented research studies as stand alone events, round table discussions or poster sessions.

Roundtable and poster sessions: 

Dr. Cheryl Burleigh (author and presenter): Education Leaders’ Perceptions of Faculty Ethical Decision Making: Awareness, Learning, and Change

Dr. Laquisha Brown-Joseph and Dr.Michelle Hill (authors and presenters): A review of how technology based resources impact the K-12 classroom: An application approach.

Dr. David Proudfoot and Dr. Mansureh Kebritchi (authors and presenters): Effect of Online Science Kits on Students’ Achievement Scores in Online Science Courses

Dr. Mary (Mimi) Stout (author and presenter), Dr. Dale Crowe and Colonel Martin LaPierre, RET. (non-presenting authors): Veterans from troops to teachers use enhanced technologies in public schools; Learning for all.


Dr. Cheryl Burleigh, Dr. Elizabeth Johnston (authors and presenters) and Dr. Nola Veazie (non presenting author): Using Story-Telling and Role Play as a Learning Strategy for Incarcerated Women

Dr. Karen Deluce, Dr. Jan Otter (authors and presenters) Dr. Rhonda Gregg (non-presenting author): A Causal Comparative Study of Achievement in Blended and Traditional Learning Environments

Dr. Rita Hartman, Dr. Cheryl Burleigh (presenters and authors): Dr. Jim Lane (non-presenting author):  School Leaders' Reflective Blogs Inspire Systemic Change: Descriptive Case Study

Dr. Elizabeth Johnston (author and presenter) and Dr. Jim Lane (non-presenting author): Reflections on the lifelong value of an arts education

Dr. Mansureh Kebritichi (author): An Effective Model for Management, Configuration, and Functionality of Dispersed Research Teams

Dr. Mansureh Kebritchi and Dr. Elizabeth Johnston: The Effect of Audio-Visual Feedback on Technical Writing Competences of Non-Traditional Online Doctoral Students

Dr. Patricia Steele (presenter and author) Dr. Elizabeth Johnston, Dr. Andrew Lawlor, Dr. Cassandra Smith, and Sunni Lamppa (non-presenting authors): Arts based instructional and curricular strategies for working with virtual educational applications



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