CEITR Members' Presentation at AERA 2021

CEITR Members' Presentation at AERA 2021

CEITR Member Presentation at AERA 2021

We are excited to share the news of CEITR members’ presentation at AERA 


Abstract: The U.S. is in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, a plague that has disproportionately affected people of color. This biological threat has operated concomitantly with Black Lives Matter (BLM), a cultural reaction to systemic racism escalated by the killings of George Floyd and others. Although the inaugurations of Joe Biden as U.S. president and Kamala Harris as the first African American vice president offer new hope, many are numbed by the destruction wrought by an invasion of the U.S. Capitol by domestic terrorists touting Confederate flags and other icons of White Supremacy.

These disruptions have intensified efforts to promote social justice. Central are Black female education leaders, placed at the intersections of leadership, race, gender, power, and social justice. They hold positions of influence and power in the schools they lead and the communities they serve. They face their own challenges and suffer their own racial abuses as they work to bridge the divide of racial and social injustice to create a productive learning environment for their students.


Lane J., Robinson S., Bowen, A. (April 2021). Challenges Female Black Educational Leaders Face Amid COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter: A Critical Autoethnography. Presentation at AERA (American Educational Research Association) virtual Annual Meeting, April 8-12.

The presentation link is available here

Jim Lane, EdD. is UOPX faculty at College of Doctoral Studies, Shaquanah Robinson, EdD. is UOPX graduate, a curriculum specialist, and teacher trainer in a K-5 school in Mobile, AL. Alyncia Bowen, PhD. is UOPX associate faculty and dean of the Ross College of Business at Franklin University in Columbus, OH.