CEITR Member, Dr. Paula Miller, Presented at MBAA International Conference

CEITR Member, Dr. Paula Miller, Presented at MBAA International Conference

CEITR Member and UOP alumna, Dr. Paula Miller Presented at MBAA International ConferenceMBAA International Conference, Chicago, IL


We examined the differences between the exercise of graduate and undergraduate students of a university in California.  To do so, we created group A of graduate students, group B of graduate students, group A of undergraduate students, and group B of undergraduate students.  Students in group A focused on an exercise goal and students participants in group B planned to exercise without a goal.  We used the five stages of the transtheoretical model and compared the two groups of students for the pretest and posttest exercise behavior.  A pretest and a posttest were applied using the Godin-Shephard (2011) Leisure-Time Physical Activity Questionnaire.  We analyzed the data using the t test, analysis of variance (ANOVA), and correlation. 

The findings of the analysis indicated that the intervention of a walking program inspired graduate and undergraduate students to self-monitor their progress.  At the pretest, there was no distribution of performance toward increasing exercise across the five stages of change for students.  At the posttest, analysis showed differences between groups for mild and moderate exercise, while strenuous physical activity was not supported.  In addition, the analysis revealed that graduate and undergraduate students could increase physical activity when they focused on their goals.  The findings of this study could provide an opportunity to educate students about the effects of their lifestyle choices.  The strategies to support physical activity, reduce sedentary behavior, and track progress suggest that policy changes for prevention could be implemented to do so.


Miller, P. (2017). University Students' Exercise Behavior Reflects Stages of Change According to the Transtheoretical Model. Presentation,  MBAA International Conference, Chicago, IL.

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