CEITR Research Affiliates recent publications

CEITR Research Affiliates recent publications


CEITR affiliates including faculty, alumni, students and collaborators from other universities reported a number of new publications this spring.  This article will highlight some of their accomplishments.  Watch for more news about the many accomplishments of CEITR affiliates.

Connelly, J. & Miller, P (2018). Improving learning outcomes for higher education through smart technology. International Journal of Conceptual Structures and Smart Applications (in press) (IJCSSA) 6 (1)

Dr. James O. Connelly is a CEITR affiliate and retired professor who served as the University of Tennessee Center for the Health Sciences and Southeastern Oklahoma State University. He is also a certified online facilitator in doctoral courses and dissertation chair at the University of Phoenix.

Dr. Paula Miller is an alumni and Research Affiliate with the Center for Educational and Instructional Technology with the University of Phoenix. She has been an oncology program manager for Southern California Medical Centers. In addition, she is a Certified Health Education Specialist and has received the Antronette Yancey Physical Activity/Fitness Award from the Southern California Public Health Association. Further, Dr. Miller is a reviewer and evaluator of courses for Blackboard, an educational technology company for online education. 

Research description: The ever-decreasing time between the doubling of knowledge creates a problem for education concerning how to handle information overload. To address this issue, educators must learn to make learning more effective and more efficient. Currently, there is more to learn and less time in which to learn. Therefore, Smart technology offers a solution: It helps manage cognitive load through the formation of a schema, which helps humans learn more with greater efficiency and greater effectiveness. The elements of Smart technology are presented as a resource for teaching and learning. Prepare to be amazed by the discussion, research, and examples presented in this scholarly research article.

Crowe, D. & Lapierre, M., (2018) Augmented artificial intelligence and Virtual/Mixed Reality: Next generational users of instructional tools for K-12 and higher educationInternational Journal of Conceptual Structures and Smart Applications Special Issue On: Transforming Learning with Smart Technology. 

Dr. Dale Crowe Ph.D. is a CEITR research affiliate, who currently serves as an Associate Faculty, teaching Year 1 and Year 3 doctoral residency, teaches both research and law classes and is a dissertation chair within the School of Advanced Studies. He has been with University of Phoenix for over ten years. Dr. Crowe is also a Research Fellow for CEITR and dissertation chair for Martin LaPierre.

Martin LaPierre is a current SAS student, who has passed QRM and IRB reviews. He is preparing for the QRF.  LaPierre is a retired Marine Corps Colonel (https://research.phoenix.edu/news/sas-student-researcher-spotlight-marti....) and works as an IT consultant. LaPierre has collaborated with Dr. Crowe on several research projects. 

Research description: The qualitative case study featured interviews with 20 subject matter experts and has been presented at the Council of College and Military Educators at three different symposiums. Findings were also presented at the Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) international conference in October 2016. Dr. Crowe and Lapierre are planning to submit the article for presentation at the KWB conference in August 2018.

Baule SM, Monroe H, Baule KA (2018) Integrating positive behavior intervention support and embedded mental health personnel in an urban school district. Annals of Public Health Research 5(1). https://www.jscimedcentral.com/PublicHealth/publichealth-5-1073.pdf

Dr. Baule is a CEITR research affiliate and is an associate faculty member and research chair at SAS. Dr. Baule has extensive background in K-12 education as a teacher, administrator and district superintendent.  Heidi Monroe works for Meriden Health Services, USA, and Kathy Baule works for the University Health System, Ball Memorial Hospital.

Research description: The Council for Children with Behavioral Disorders (CCBD) proposed that the Positive Behavior Intervention Supports (PBIS) should be integrating into school mental health services to be the most impactful. PBIS provides a positive aspirational approach to student discipline instead of taking a more penal- based approach. This paper reviews the implementation of PBIS along with the embedding of mental health clinicians within the school setting in a midsized Midwest urban school district in Muncie, Indiana. The two pronged implementation had a significant impact on reducing inappropriate student behavior as measured by the school district. Additionally, the schools involved in the implementation saw a reduction in student suspensions, which did lead to increased student achievement and better student attendance.

Cookson, B. (2018) In my view: Responsible gun ownership. Voice of Experience: A monthly newsletter for lawyers and their families, 3(2). https://www.americanbar.org/groups/senior_lawyers/publications/voice_of_...

Bernard Cookson is a licensed CPA in Virginia, and a licensed attorney in Massachusetts. He has instructed undergraduate and graduate courses in a variety of subjects, including accounting, auditing, government contract law, international law, business law, and more.



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