Advances in Technology in the Educational Sector

Advances in Technology in the Educational Sector

Advances in Technology in the Educational Sector

Pam Gordon, Ph.D. and Julie Overbey, Ph.D. are developing an edited book tentatively titled Technology Advances in the Educational Sector. The proposed book will be a companion book to the already accepted business version, Advances in the Technology of Managing People: Contemporary Issues in Organizations.  Chapter authors addressed contemporary technology challenges and innovative emerging technology in education via research study results, case studies, literature reviews, and concept papers. The book includes 12 -15 chapters. To date the following author submissions have been accepted:


Technology and Education: A Historical View

J. Medgar Roberts, Ed. D. / E. T.,  Karen Johnson, Ed. D.,Mary Stout, Ed. D., Michelle Susberry Hill, Ed. D. & Lisa Wells, Ed. D.

Ethics in Digital Education

Imani Akin, Ed.D and Elizabeth Johnson, Ed.D

The Impact of Technological Advances for Resources in Educational Settings

Lequisha Brown-Joseph, Ph.D., Michelle Susberry Hill. Ph.D., & Sandy Nunn, DM

New Predictive Tools for Online Educational Environment

Mazin Al Hamando, Ph.D.

Technology and Instruction through the Lenses of Communication Theories

Myrene Magabo, M.A.

Emerging Educational Technology for the 22nd Century: The Student Voice

Therese Kanai, PhD

Building Connective Capital and Personal Learning Networks in Online Communities

David Sciuto, Ed.D.

Technological Advances in the Educational Sector: The Importance of Pilot Trials in Digital Gaming

Deniz Paulic , Lynne E. Devnew , Susan E. Mandel , & Heather W. Allen

The Role of Robotics in the Classroom

Barbara Fedock, Ed.D.

Robot Technology as an Innovative Method for Distance Learning

Douglas M. DeWitt, Ph.D., Judith K. Franzak, Ph.D.

Handheld Devices as Digital Currency to Advance Student Language Acquisition and Mathematics Competency

Cheryl Burleigh, Ed.D

Online Instruction, Tablets, and Cell Phone a Powerful Combination

Brucetta McClue, PhD & Ashraf Esmail, Ph.D

Differentiating Instruction Through Advancing Technology

Krista Allison, PhD & Crystal Neumann, DBA

Teaching on the Holodeck: Creating Exemplary Learning Experiences in a Virtual Classroom

 Nancy Arduengo, Ph.D.

Who is Learning? Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence in K-12 and Higher Education

Sally Evans, Ed.D

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality: The New Educational Frontier?

Andrew Lawler PhD, Patricia Steele Ed.D, Elizabeth Johnston Ed.D, Cassandra Smith Ed.D, & Sonja Lamppa MA,

How High-Touch Technology Can Improve Doctoral Persistence and Success

Miriam L. Frolow, PhD & Anna Copeland Wheatley, PhD


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