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Early Childhood Education Research Group

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The purpose of the early childhood research group is to explore issues and challenges related to quality early care and learning. A review of literature shows that the pressure for exhibiting academic achievement with young children 2-5 years of age attending child care programs is increasing. Some of the challenges that are having a negative impact on the early childhood community, specifically child care programs are the overlap between public schools and preschool programs, lack of knowledge about child growth and development, inadequate training, and the increase in developmentally inappropriate practices. As the early childhood community, particularly child care centers are becoming increasingly more like a K-12 program, I am inviting you to participate in research exploring the challenges that the early childhood community is facing. Currently, I working on a qualitative research study titled Quality Early Care and Learning: Exploring Child-ownership Pedagogy A Qualitative Multi-case Study. The purpose of the study is to explore child care directors’ perceptions about quality early care and learning within public and private child care centers and to determine how child-focused pedagogy relating to children’s interests and capabilities within children’s ZPD are integrated into process features as part of classroom pedagogy. Please let me know your interest in this current study. Following the completion of the quality early care and learning research study, my goal is to embark on an action research project. I am looking forward to collaborating with you and to share ideas for future research studies.


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Dr. June Cade

Phone: (973) 867-8407

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