Competency Based Education

Competency Based Education

The Competency Based Education Research Community is led by Dr. Jennifer Cunningham and represents scholarly discourse in an emerging field in education that suggests an alternative paradigm to traditional online education.

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About Competency-Based Education

Although some competency based programs are just emerging on the higher educational market, others have been providing competency education for decades successfully.  Several of the institutions are openly discussing their process, while other institutions are not as forth coming about development and design. Due to the lack of research on this methodology, there are several opportunities to research best practices of the design, development, implementations, continuing to maintain competency assessments and student success.

This research community intends to build upon the scholarly literature on Competency-Based Education with quantitative and qualitative research projects that align and promote the context of current and developing CWDR outcomes.

Projects in Progress

  • Competency-Based Education in the USA

Completed Articles and Presentations

Additional References on Competency-Based Education

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