A World Away: A Perspective of the US 2016 Election

A World Away: A Perspective of the US 2016 Election

Hopeful the night before,

The morning after, disbelief, despair, a horrible pit of anguish in the stomach.

Colleagues’ reactions the next morning: Shock and disbelief with all who came in contact. US- would not even speak of the results, many do not wish to return to the States, embarrassed;  Canadian-immigration website crashed, stated Muslim friends in US afraid, planning to leave high tech jobs in research triangle park of North Carolina for safer havens- Canada, Europe; Columbian-utter disbelief at first could not speak; Brazilian- did not understand why a bully would be elected by the populace; Portuguese- could not comprehend how a 33 year old journalist loses a job with a major American commercial broadcast television network because he was interviewing the network star and “went along” with the dialog, yet the very person who made disparaging remarks about women was elected to what is considered the most respected position of a world leader for the most influential country in the world; French- how could a person addicted to Twitter rants be trusted with US diplomacy, secrets, and portray an admiration for Putin. Each colleague; What will be the effect on the young people of the United States? How can we as educators move past the obvious and towards a more positive future? What can we teach our charges? What lessons have we learned? How can we, as educators within a world community who are truly passionate, kind, and caring, come together and rise above?

We will rise above, for we are better than one individual who does not understand true compassion, diplomacy, and fighting for a better world. Kindness will prevail.

Later that day, when meeting with an Angolan friend, her comment was succinct and poignant, “We pray for you. We pray for America.”




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