Working in Groups

Working in Groups

Working in Groups


Working in groups or teams is not always an easy process for getting things done.  What may seem like an opportunity to complete difficult tasks on the onset may indeed bring on some unplanned stress.  Being aware of things that could happen in the process will undoubtedly aid in getting the desired tasks done.  Here are a few tips that I have learned from working in groups.  I understand that initially these simple ideas may strike you as elementary.  However, missing any one of the following could possibly end your group association.


  1.  Know your time zones.  Find out the best times to communicate with your team.  Identify a modality for communicating that you can all agree on.  Then find out if they are morning or night people and if they leave the ringer or sounds on their phone in the “on” position.
  2. Don’t be afraid to share.  If you have family events, or big personal projects, share this information with your group.  Also allow for people to phase in and out.  They have families and research can be consuming.  Remember, working behind the scenes is still working.
  3. Identify the talents of the group as early as possible.  Not all talents are needed at the beginning or the end.  Allow people to do what they are good at.  The work will equal itself out.


These are a few simple tips that have helped me in my groups.  Whether you are the team leader or a group member, I hope these tips will help you in understanding what makes your group work.  If you can work together, you can present and publish together.  Stay focused on your goals!


Michelle Susberry Hill, Ed.D.


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