Getting Research Ready—More tips to get you ready to write

Getting Research Ready—More tips to get you ready to write



Just getting started with the first sentence is often the hardest first step.  I have listed some more Tipps to get you into the mindset of writing.  These are ideas that I have to remind myself to do.


Burn candles.  Feng shui is sometimes important when trying to get into the mood to write.  Create an atmosphere that is relaxing with your favorite scents.  I recommend the sweet smell of lavender.  Lavender helps to relax your spirit.  A relaxed spirit may be just the ingredient that you need to start writing.



Sip tea or whatever your favorite beverage is.  Sipping tea and smelling candles sometimes go together.  You want to create a calm environment.  I recommend chamomile tea.  It provides a calm feeling that helps you relax and often clears your mind for writing; at least for me.


Write facing the beach or other scenic or panoramic view.  Sometimes, the view is all you need.  I have done a lot of writing sitting on the beach or looking out of a high rise apartment.  My view is part of what gets my pen moving; as well as a combination of all of the above.  Writing does not always come easy.  Some days you need to switch it up so that you are able to write.  


Take a plane or train ride.  Definitely the hum of the train or plane can be calming to the spirit.  However, it may be difficult to spread out.  This may not be the place for books, but it is the place for a pen or a tablet with a small keyboard.  The train has an added aspect of a view.  If you go by yourself, you also have peace.  Peace is important when writing.


Meditate.  Meditation is an important part for peace of mind.  I often meditate before I write.  I have no formal training in meditation.  I sit quietly in my designated space and think silently.  You would be amazed of the things you need to do to clear time for writing.  Through meditation, I develop a plan for writing and follow through on that plan at a later time.  Understand that you cannot write if your mind is clouded with the clutter of life.  Meditate so that you can write.


Put on comfortable clothes.  Be as comfortable as necessary to feel relaxed at writing.  The last thing you want is to feel the pinch of clothing while you are trying to think.  You may need to take off your shoes as well.  Are rubber bands and clamps too tight in your hair?  Do you need to remove a watch or bracelet.  Is the belt and tie distracting?  You would be surprised what hinders you from writing.  


Maintain an exercise routine.  This is important for energy and blood flow.  This can be done either before or after writing.  It depends on your body.  I have been told exercise is really helpful for writing.  I am taking the word of my friends on this one.


Align yourself with your inner being.  Above all, find the core of your spirit and align yourself in the path of your beliefs.  What ultimately guides you is where you need to concentrate.  If your goal is to write, publish and present, then believe and see yourself doing this.  “So as a man is he,” Proverbs 23:7.


Happy Writing!


Michelle Susberry Hill, Ed.D


Karen Johnson's picture Karen Johnson | April 4, 2019 7:48 pm MST

These are great tips, Michelle.

Thanks for sharing them.  I would add leave time to edit and rewrite.  First things are written well in the first iteration. I put things aside and go back to them later to edit and finalize them. 


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