COVID-19: Reshaping How We Work and Learn Remotely

COVID-19: Reshaping How We Work and Learn Remotely

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us as a nation to change the way we view normalcy and operate as it pertains to completing daily tasks. Those tasks could range from going to and from work to completing educational assignments and requirements – from a student or educator perspective. Prior to this pandemic, individuals might have been highly susceptible to a linear thought process and may not have given much thought to idea of using remote technology such as Internet of Things (IoT) as an alternative solution. Remote technology such IoT is a relatively new concept for individuals who previously operated in a brick-and-mortar structure type but have now transitioned to a more open and online structure type.  Although it has taken some individuals more time to adapt to our new normalcy, other individuals are becoming familiar with IoT and seeing the benefits of this remote technology. IoT bridges the gap between traditional, current, and future communication platforms and formats amid end users, systems, and daily tasks (Masek, Fujdiak, Zeman, Hosek & Muthanna, 2016). Although COVID-19 has shifted our normality, it has not shifted our commitment to move forward and heal as a nation while recognizing the extraordinary accessibility and economic benefits of such technology.

No longer are individuals affiliated with a specific geographical location with limited mobility. Now they have the ability to move freely without feeling restricted by conventional norms, such as reporting to a specific building, desk, or computer. Individuals now  have the ability to be associated with spaces that allow them to be more productive and meet deadlines while being physically disconnected from the office yet connected virtually connected to the office. Being virtually connected allows individuals to balance everyday life and remain connected to their families while affording them scheduled opportunities to complete other tasks they might not have a chance to completed (as defined by their telework or remote agreements with their organizations). Navigating through the COVID-19 pandemic continues to be an unnerving event as new cases arise daily. Each new case sends an universal shock wave through our system which also test our faith in humanity. Hence it is very important that all individuals from colleagues and teammates to senior leadership be familiar with remote technologies as a vital and alternate solution for business operations.  if this option is not considered as an alternate solution, how prepared will we be when the next big thing happens?


Masek, P., Fujdiak, R., Zeman, K., Hosek, J., & Muthanna, A. (2016, April). Remote networking technology for IT: Cloud-based access for AllJoyn-enabled devices. In 2016 18th Conference of Open Innovations Association and Seminar on Information Security and Protection of Information Technology (FRUCT-ISPIT) (pp. 200-205). IEEE.




Leonard Jackson's picture Leonard Jackson | May 17, 2020 11:22 am MST

This post is timely. The COVID19 situation has really made us a society reevaluate how we function as a whole. The panademic has really forced us to rely more on technology like never before. Therefore, there will definitely need to some level of balance between our day to day lives and our private lives. The amazing thing about this whole unique siruation relies in the fact that we are still able to effective at our jobs (pending everyone is familiar with technology).

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. 



Taurus Jackson's picture Taurus Jackson | May 17, 2020 12:39 pm MST

And you are correct. That is one of the other elements to consider. COVID-19 has show the skill level and comfortability using technology. This pandemic forced skilled users to up thier skills and minimal skilled uses to quickly learn or aquire advanced skills they didn't have before. The pandemic ripped the bandage off the status quo of doing business as usual and increase the creativity in doing business in our new norm.

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