CEITR Student Research Assistants

CEITR Student Research Assistants

CEITR Student Research Assistants

A new endeavor has been launched in the Center for Education and Instructional Technology Research: The Student Research Assistants. The goal of the new endeavor is to offer praxis experiences for doctoral students through helping them engage in live research projects within the center. Students who qualify (see here) will be connected to the CEITR Research Labs which are research projects led by faculty within the research center. In some cases these include Provost sponsored projects such as the Faculty Motivation Study just completed at the end of 2020 or the Improving GRIT Among Undergraduate Students project underway within the General Studies program. Students who engage in the Research Assistant endeavor will learn research skills such as: targeted library searches for topical research, writing research proposals or reports, qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis, and learning how to work on a distributed research team. This is a way for graduate students to expand their skills beyond their dissertation work, engaging in live research, research which will also be presented at conferences and published in academic journals. For more information, visit the CEITR Student Research Assistants page.


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Is there a date for Knowledge Without Boundaries for 2021? 

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