CEITR Fellow, Dr. Watkins' Final Thoughts on AECT Hong Kong presentation

CEITR Fellow, Dr. Watkins' Final Thoughts on AECT Hong Kong presentation

A couple of final thoughts on my presentation in Hong Kong that I think are important to consider on education and technology. First, I think the key to successfully implementing educational strategies in combination with technology is understanding the audience one is working with in an educational situation. One must focus on developing content on an appropriate level and coverage; what I mean by this idea is that one cannot develop a one size fits all computer program that does not take into account such factors as culture and social practice of different people groups within a geographical designation. In the twenty-first century, such geographical designations are nineteeth and twentieth century anachronisms-- very out of date. Secondly,  more and more success on the educational landscape is about developing connections between people. By the time we move towards the middle of the twenty-first century, the educational process will be more about connections between people over the world, instead of being defined by man-made geographical constructs.

Continuing my further thoughts on presenting and being in China, one cannot help but realize what globalization truly means. It has been a word tossed around for decades, to the point that it has lost much of its newness. To me, globalization is becoming aware of how much the Internet is changing higher education; for example, in education, one cannot assume that education only goes to national geographical boundaries,but to whatever connections can be established in the world with the Internet. One also realizes how Asia is becoming, to coin a phrase, "the place where the action is." I see from my experience in Asia, particularly Hong Kong, that a connection needs to be established globally with this situation as an educator.


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