Can the DREAM still exist?

Can the DREAM still exist?

Applying and being accepted to a college or university of their choice is a rite of passage and dream of high school seniors. For students who are immigrants and undocumented, the ability to attend college is a challenge made easier through United We Dream (UWD) and the DREAM Education Empowerment Program (DEEP). Meeting with a group of students who depend on such programs and DREAM Act grants for support, the conversation about their education and future shifted from the application process to the events of the presidential election and, after the inauguration, to what the future may hold. The following is a three-stanza progression poem based on this discussion.

I DREAM of   a better tomorrow,

                                          a brighter future,

                                a fresh start,

                                          a college education,

                                being challenged by like-minded individuals,

                                          finding others like me,


                                         expanding my horizons,

                                and a better life.


I DREAM of   no boundaries,

                                          no walls,

                              not living in fear,

                                          my family staying together in the U.S.,

                                finding my parents home tonight,

                                         being able to walk freely without anxiety,

                               not looking over my shoulder,

                                         trusting the police,

                                and not being reported,



I DREAM of   our voices being heard,

                                positive political action,


                               a movement of activism,


                               embracing diversity,

                     earning my college degree,

                                          supporting my family,





                                and hope.





Original blog published 9.14.17

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