Resilience: From the Killing Fields to the Boardroom

The plight of immigrant refugees fleeing atrocities committed by despotic regimes such as the Khmer Rouge has been well-chronicled in books and movies, such as the Academy Award-winning film, The Killing Fields. In Resilience:Killing Fields to Boardroom, Dr. Emad Rahim shares candidly from his life,but not with the intent to evoke pity.  Rather, he recounts his story as a backdrop for exploring the indomitable magnificence of the human spirit;present in its humblest beginnings, and often, merely awaiting the right moment to emerge. Dr. Rahim, a genocide survivor and refugee of the Khmer Rouge Killing Fields of Cambodia, developed the S.A.L.T. model of Surviving,Adapting, Loving and Transforming as a means of helping him overcome the struggles of his youth, including prejudice, abuse, childhood violence, and dyslexia. 

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Emad Rahim
Casey Reason
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Resilience: From the Killing Fields to the Boardroom
Fastpencil Publishing
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Wednesday, October 19, 2016
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Casey Reason
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