Resilience: From Killing Fields to Boardroom

Resilience is easily adaptable as curriculum in high schools and universities; students can glean from my youthful mistakes and unwise choices that led to my involvement in dangerous situations.  It's also ideal as a corporate and non-profit leadership training, team building tool, professional development workshop, and is effective for use in settings that address learning disabilities and community or state-based mental health agencies. Readers can learn about my experience, then, use the exercises at the chapters' end to apply the S.A.L.T. method to their own lives. Yes, we encounter heart-rending moments in Resilience; but we are also equipped with practical tools we can incorporate into our own lives to help navigate the inevitable, challenging circumstances that can sometimes take our breath away.Resilience is not a tale of woe, but a clarion call to continuously pursue our highest potential.

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Emad Rahim
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Resilience: From Killing Fields to Boardroom
Fastpencil Publishing
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Wednesday, October 19, 2016
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Casey Reason, Ph.D.
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