Diversity in the Classroom - Generational Cohorts and Their Impact on the Quality of Higher Education Learning Processes in the 21st Century


Current and potential professionals need to face a common challenge: upgrade and improve their competences through further education. The diversity found in the classroom of most higher education programs, including different generational cohorts of faculty members and students represent an extra difficulty present in this equation. This paper will address the impact of different generations in the classroom on the quality of learning processes, and will also discuss the primary change agents’ drivers on generational values and behaviors that influence higher educational interactions; different generational factors that drive interactions; and, the various Significant Emotional Events (SEE’s) that impact behaviors of Baby Boomers (1946 – 1964), Generation “X” (1965 – 1979), and Millenials (1980 – 1997).

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Conference Paper
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2015 INQAAHE Conference
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Chicago, IL
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