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Knowledge Without Boundaries - 2020 - Day 3

Day 3 Saturday August 8

Dr. Bean – Fifth Domain Plan to Offer Post-Doctoral Research Funding – Senator Dr. Mc Donald and Brigadier General Dr. Silberg.  Growing entity – “x-man”. Senator Dr. McDonald offered more support for promoting research and offered faculty and student researchers to contact him.

Dr. Holden, Jason Stroman, Dr. Steele – Workplace Stress and Loss of Motivation as Key Indicator of Turnover.  Jason gave many examples of the research and key review of key indicators of job loss and turnover.  Very interesting, Jason is an interesting presenter.

Knowledge Without Boundaries - 2020 - Day 1

Day 1 – Sessions Attended

Main Room – Kick-Off and opening remarks from Dr. Boone, Dr. Hinrich Eylers,

Dr. Bdullahi, and Dr. John Woods.


Panel Presentation – COVID 19 Impacting Research.  Panel presenters from all 3 research centers.  Presenters were Dr. Kebritchi, Dr. Bean, Dr. Rodney Luster, Dr.  Johnston, Dr. Jim Lane, Dr. Sloboda, Dr. Johnson, and Dr. Ryan Rominger.  All discussed different types of research and how each was impacted by the pandemic.  Most referenced the summary document from Dr. Boone and how the IRB is making adjustment.



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