Convenient Care Clinic Nurse Practitioner Impact Analysis

Project Lead: 
Debra Wallace
Project Description: 

Recent changes in healthcare regulations and the increased availability of health insurance to millions of previously uninsured has created an unprecedented opportunity to provide healthcare outside of the traditional healthcare system such as by nurse practitioners (NPs) in convenient care clinics (CCCs).This study surveyed 59 NPs who practiced at CCCs to explore the impact of their practice. The findings demonstrated that accessibility, convenience, affordability, quality patient care, and treating patient problems were the most impacts.

Demographic crisis in Russia and its role in Ukrainian geopolitical conflict

Project Description: 

Threats of depopulation and tremendous immigration to the country create unique geopolitical challenge to Russia and its government.  To the East it borders with China, the world most populous country and steadily growing second largest economy in the world.  To the West, expansion of European Union and NATO encroaching to the very Russian borders considered a direct threat to the country economic and national security.  First in Georgia in 2008, later in Ukraine in 2014 Russia feels threatened by what it sees as Western expansion to its sphere of direct interests.


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