Value Mining the Higher Education Brand using Big Data and Machine Learning

Project Lead: 
LauraAnn Migliore
Project Description: 

The purpose of this study is to build a predictive model that captures and analyzes social-media data from the academic social network, PhoenixConnect and UOP’s LinkedIn site and apply Big Data and Machine Learning practices to examine the quality of evidence for discovering customers’ perceived value (students, faculty, and alumni) towards the University of Phoenix brand in the context of its vision statement and identification of the variables that could shift perceived value in a data point – the intent is to identify key variables that may predict revenue impact (favorable / unfavorable

Philosophy of Punishment

Project Lead: 
Ray Bynum
Project Description: 

Cultural conflict in law enforcement and corrections has been influenced by the different philosophies of punishment. The philosophies include:

Eye for an Eye - retribution

Just Desserts - delayed retribution

Conservative - "lock the door and throw away the key".  Be tough on crime

Liberal - "rehab for everyone" approach

Radical - "the offender is also a victime. They are a product of a bad environment

These philosophies have been in existance and in conflict with each other for many years.

Type of Project: 


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