Narration and Application of Educators’ Experiences with Racism in School Cultures

Existing literature regarding how educators’ experiences with microaggressions and racial bias relates to their teaching is sparse. Because of his own experience with racism and bias in the educational system, Jackson (2015) discussed how his experiences affect how he teaches today. Cuevas (2016) has dedicated his professional expertise to developing teaching methodologies and curricula to engage Latino students.

The Experiences of Online Doctoral Students

A traditional doctoral student lives on campus and pursues the degree in a face to face environment.  The shift from traditional to non-traditional has expanded because of advances in technology, changes in workforce needs, and the development of a global economy (Evans & Green, 2013). Technology has enabled students to work online, pursuing an education to support a desire for professional knowledge and skills.  The purpose of this meta-data analysis is to examine the research findings from primary research studies on online doctoral students.


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